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Prosemantic menyediakan layanan profesional proofreading-editing untuk semua jenis dokumen: assignments, journal manuscripts/articles, theses, dissertations, etc.

GRATIS CorpusReportdokumen ringkasan yang memuat perubahan kata/frasa/klausa. CorpusReport menyajikan profil tulisan sehingga penulis bisa belajar dan menghindari kesalahan yang sama dalam tulisan berikutnya. #Writing_improved!



(1) Editors with strong academic backgrounds
(2) SfEP standards for proofreading and editing
(3) Official partner of international conferences, supporting conference organizers to publish manuscripts
(4) Free CorpusReport and Editorial Certificate for our proofreading-editing service
(5) Free publication advice – Our hotline WA/Telegram 0811 7887 000

Professional, yet affordable. Accuracy #1
Start from IDR 25k for proofreading-editing and IDR 50k for translation.


Don’t let your ideas be misunderstood. Let us help you deliver your ideas clearly.

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Our editors and translators at Prosemantic are professionals (researchers, writers, etc.) having PhD or professional doctorate degrees from reputable universities, mostly from Australia and the UK. 

For the accuracy of your documents, we use online corpora (corpus databases): Corpus of Contemporary American English (, Springer Exemplar (, Australian Corpus of English (

All documents are treated as confidential.


Source: What to think about before you start to write a journal article, Taylor & Francis, 2015